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Javier Del Rio

My  name is Javier Del Rio.  I was born and raised right here in Miami.  I’m an owner, a partner, a mortgage professional, and an advocate for our clients.  I love being able to represent my clients and be the front-facing element of Simple Home Loans.


I started in this industry when I was 17 in an operational role, learning every stage of the mortgage process.  I became closer and processor of a corporate bank. From there,  I grew into a successful sales representative that found the best products I could for my customers that were available to me.  The thought that I could do more for my clients started popping up more and more. When I met Jesse,  we had similar values,  grew up in South Florida, and wanted to be of more value. He was the perfect partner.


We landed on moving away from a bank to a wholesale structure to be as flexible as possible and have more opportunities for our clients. It’s been an amazing journey so far and the process has already paid dividends for my family and my customers.


When I’m not at the office I’m most likely hanging with my wife, our two sons and our dog.

Jesse Rodriguez

I'm glad you found us.  My name is Jesse Rodriguez, and I'm one of the founding partners of Simple Home Loans.  I pride myself on our ability to serve our customers with trained corporate skills and best practices paired with the flexibility of offering creative and all available products without limitation.


Growing up in Miami and learning the ropes prepared me to create Simple Home Loans with my partner Javi. We were the top in our fields which is a skill set few lending companies that major financial institutions do not own can boast.   With over 1200 closings between us, you're in excellent hands here at Simple abîme Loans.  We have the acumen and the best fit for each lending case.  


When I'm not moving our business forward or helping our clients,  I enjoy time with my young family here in South Florida.